Wednesday, January 13, 2010

more. cupcakes that is...

we all need a design diversion every now and then, and my diversion is now, especially when it's cupcakes. although...this is slightly a design post when you take a look at how more cupcakes displays their product, their sleek, minimalistic design and ethereal materials. the whole company, from product to interior design to packaging is complete eye candy, and stomach candy :)


bacon and tomato. holy cow.

strawberry balsamic.

lemon meringue.

jessica over at design wonderland's fab blog featured the company more, the cupcake genius's in chicago and my jaw dropped, from their display method to their flavor combinations. more cupcakes are featured on favorite lists from oprah to martha, so not a bad start. reviews of the stranger flavors get rave reviews so we have to be brave and dive in with an open mind!
the shop's sleek look with bamboo woodwork, floating glass and 3-form panels as jessica describes makes for customers to enter into cupcake heaven. enjoy!

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