Friday, January 15, 2010


it's the weekend, yeah! my fiance has had an especially, well how do i describe it, case of the, is it still winter?, i'm in a rut, i need warmth and sun and a change of scenery, it's been a long dull week, blues. and so as i've been bopping around, looking at my usual architecture and design inspiration, i came across inspiring facades and picked some from all around the world, to subconsciously cheer him up i suppose. :)

tori-tori restaurant in mexico, here.

tori-tori tea room here.

nomiya restaurant, paris. here by day.

and here by night, amazing.

restaurant located inside a mall in amsterdam, here.

le procope, paris, here.

corton in new york, here.

fabios restaurant, vienna austria, here.

what are your plans for this weekend? so far, i'm meeting my fiance for lunch (to help ease along the end of his very long and dull week:) and then who knows. it's supposed to be milder here, so a run is in store tomorrow morning and perhaps a drive to get our favorite donuts (hence the run, prior:) however you are spending your weekend, (and i'm wishing it is in one of these fabulous restaurants),
enjoy yourself and here's to a better, not so dull, full of winter, i'm in a rut, week ahead!

p.s. this is what i'm feeling for those currently suffering in haiti. everyone spread the love!

image here.

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CC said...

Fab pictures! :)