Thursday, January 7, 2010

herringbone floors.

i freely admit that currently i have a smitten fascination for herringbone floors. they change in every setting i see them in, from dark woods, to small floors to larger than life floors. i'm not sure why but herringbone floors always stop me and are pleasing to my eyes.

eclectic image, here.

classically beautiful, here.

surrounded by white, here.

pretty sitting area, here.

in the bathroom, here.

image, here.

image, here.

this image, here.

image here.

do any of you have herringbone patterned flooring anywhere in your residential or commercial spaces? do you like it? especially when i see old european homes or apartments that feature the very old flooring, i go mad. love, love, love!
thursday is upon us, almost the weekend everyone :) how is your week going? i'm not getting quite as much done as i thought i would (what else is new right?), but still having a great week. enjoy your day!


georgia b. said...

i don't have herringbone floors, nor have i ever. but i would love to. they are so fabulous, indeed! can't imagine the work it takes to put them in.

i've not been to your blog in so long!

happy new year to you!

FancyPants-design said...

I agree with you 100%! Herrigbone floors are my fav!! They are a little more pricy but so worth the extra money :)

ilovecoolthings said...

oh dear me, me too! if i had mucho dinero i would get rid of my horrid carpet and put in bleached herringbone patterned wood floors.... sigh........

heart charlie said...

I too share a fascination for herringbone flooring. I myself do not have them, but have always admired how they add an unexpected design element to any room. Thanks for the pics! I especially love the first few ;)