Wednesday, January 6, 2010

dwell & shelf life.

designed by H2o architects, for mathieu vincinguerra, an avid comic book collector and artist himself, this parisian apartment tests the boundaries of organization, display and visual originality.

one thing that sold mathieu on the apartment was the beautiful wood floors and in fact it's one of the things my eye went to first. that herringbone pattern is classically beautiful, interesting and fun. completely amazing.

mathieu's drawing table folds away revealing space for an orderly shoe closet. making use of every inch of space in a somewhat small apartment. genius.

while this apartment design and it's furnishings may not be your style, and actually many aspects are not even my own style, how perfect was the concept? and in some ways...how, out of a comic book, does this space appear. really neat.
“so we developed this box concept, where bits of white space separate all the shelves.” the boxes’ interiors are painted dark colors so when set against the white walls they function like dioramas, or frames in a storyboard." said santiard, the architect on the project.
the entire article is a great read, on how the envisioned the space once they were introduced to it by mathieu and also allows you to see the construction photos, the before and after parts. which are fun too, to see the amount of work involved in getting to the finished project. enjoy your mid-week wednesday everyone!