Tuesday, January 5, 2010

erica wakerly wallpaper.

i discovered erica wakerly's stunning wallpaper designs from perusing the london design show of 2009. her designs are classic, fun, sexy and eye catching. they can appear subtle or jump out and smack you in the face. i love that, don't you?

the 5th photo from the top really underlines how subtle her wallpaper can be. muted, tonal color palette, like it's almost not even there, until the light hits it and bam, there it is. turning heads, dropping jaws and leaving customers, friends and family (depending on where you've installed it) asking "where in the world did you find that?" fabulous. enjoy!


Leigh said...

OMG I want them all even though I hate hanging it and taking it off LOL Gorgeous!!

Tamstyles said...

thanks for always supporting my blogs...just wanted to send you a note of thanks..


A Life More Fabulous said...

These definitely make a big statement! I don't know if I could have a whole room, perhaps just one wall or maybe a small entrance hall or powder room.