Monday, January 4, 2010


because design matters, ochre creates objects of beauty that are both timeless and contemporary, with flawless british craftsmanship.

"the simplicity and honesty of form and proportion, together with the luxurious materials result in an understated elegance, which has become the signature for ochre."
i discovered ochre, whilst flipping through my boston home magazine and where one of their "drizzle" chandeliers (see here)had been used over a table with the backdrop, unobstructed view of the sometimes cold mountains of new hampshire, emulating & echoing the icicle shapes outdoors. truly stunning...all of their lighting. i'm in lighting love.
happy monday, it's cold here, but fun weather for sledding and winter walks, both which we took part in over the weekend! i hope you are enjoying your monday too and also enjoying ochre, check them out, their products are to die for, oh...and they have furniture too :)

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Callie Grayson said...

ooo so very pretty! Thanks for the intro. Love the simplicity and beauty of the materials!!!