Friday, January 8, 2010

design trend...industrial.

i'm noticing a trend these days of a "rather rough around the edges look", very "ecological" and "green", an era of recycling is showing it's face in the design world and while i wouldn't want my home looking like a machinery or factory, these very industrial elements can contribute to an interesting, gritty arrangement in your residential or commercial space, without interrupting your flow and your feel completely...if done right.

a space can begin with one single industrial element, tilting the space towards a different feel than if it otherwise was missing, such as this naked dangling bulb and cord kit. sometimes less is more, and is executed perfectly here.

adding industrial pieces such as this pendant light and chair, bumped up against soft rugs and soft wooden furniture, throws off a space allowing cold and warm to blend in a very satisfying way, here.

gritty, city-esque worn concrete walls highlighted by an very new & industrial lounge chair, all making for a very curious and intriguing setting. here.

industrial side table, here.

industrial accessories are popping up everywhere, from fruit bowls to gadgets to hardware to lighting, to little tables like the one featured in the above photo, here.

here, the soft, yet stark white walls ward off the sharper edges and industrial looking pieces in this space, helping it to be a bit more welcoming.

here. the addition of art, almost alone, does it for this space, the colors warm it, relax it and along with those rounded lamps shades, buffer the sharper edges throughout the space.

well, this friday, it's what i've been noticing as of late. i have to say though, i love incorporating newer, or more vintage and worn industrial pieces, especially metal into spaces when designing. the textural element alone that is contributed is not only fun but sometimes really needed, depending on the space and what it is either lacking or screaming for. thoughts? do you love a punch of industrial? or do you find it trashy and harsh? just curious. hey, either way friends...enjoy your friday and the upcoming weekend. will be cold and snowy where i am, translation: snuggling, winter walks and red wine, oh my! :)


david john said...

love that hexagonal table!

Beach Vintage said...

Hi Robin, hope you had a great New Year and look forward to reading your blog in 2010. I love the concrete look to, on walls and floors.