Friday, November 6, 2009

hotel sofitel lyon bellecour, france.

so this is where i'm going this weekend,the hotel sofitel lyon bellecour, but only in my dreams :) take this hotel in. it satisfies all of the senses. simply, actually not so simply, amazing!

(all photos by renaud callebaut)

designed by team studio patrick norgeut and so many other talented artists from gerard foucault offering his talents in lighting to SLA architecture as a project partner. wowzers.
"this is the venue par excellence for the architecture of interiors, where
the sensitive designer instills a direct relationship with the customer whom he sees as an individual and a person and whose queries will often combine functionality and economy with emotions, dreams and desires. spaces and furnishings are arranged so as to communicate and create an atmosphere of reassurance. breaking through the threshold of privacy and entering the homes, or other places of a deliberately intimate character (eg. restaurants, hotels or certain shops), we discover that the tile is not used for any whatsoever finish, but quite rightly for the most external and visible parts, as a type of ‘skin’ for the place where we enclose affections, relations and emotions, in the desire for a better quality of life, at least within those four walls."
don't you love that statement? wow. now i really need to see this hotel, to stay and take it all in. maybe one day, it's rich colors, tempting wall treatments and textures, swanky seating and eclectic room to room atmosphere will be mine to experience. here's crossing my little fingers! happy weekend everyone. if i could, i'd take all of you with me to the hotel sofitel lyon bellecour myself. enjoy!

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The Townhouselady said...

If it's only in your dreams I'm hoping yoiu won't mind if I tag along.

So beautiful!