Monday, November 9, 2009

for the love of art.

i feel a painting coming on. meaning, i feel the need to create. meaning i'm lacking artistic time of my own and i need to get some soon. and need is the operative word here. when you are an artist or artistic i truly believe that you need to create. for some...it's your outlet, your vice, your high of sorts, your meditation and your pure joy.

next 2 images via house to home.

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image via loft life magazine.

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image via marie claire maison.

image via owi.

image via purple area.

image via skona hem.

so a goal for me in the next couple of weeks is to paint. i started a portrait of my son a while back and i'd like to finish it sooner than soon. for all of the reasons listed above.
do you hang art? if so do you hang it in a more traditional way, or in a super eclectic and clumsy chic way? do you paint? sculpt? sometimes i see being creative as a gift and sometimes a curse, cursed by time which leads to frustration sometimes. but i'll still take the gift of it for sure! enjoy your monday everyone and hey, get busy being creative :)


Callie Grayson said...

i paint with oil and acrylic. I also sketch with charcoal. I have been feeling the need to paint lately too!
I actually pulled out my paints from the basement with a large canvas! now i just need to do it!

have fun finishing your sons portrait, would love to see it when you done.

Kellie Collis said...

I absolutely adore that first image. I wish i could be clever with art! x

Jules said...

gorgeous post! i'd love to sit down and paint my heart out...the only problem is, i'm not very artistic in that way! my husband is an incredible artist - he can whip up anything from a portrait to an abstract masterpiece - he even sculpts...not fair :( ha ha! good luck with your sons portrait. i'd love to see it when you're all finished!