Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a round up of just so pretty...

i'm always a bit more tired on tuesday, at least this semester after classes until late last night. so...i rounded up some easy on the eyes, sumptuous spaces to ease into this gray tuesday morning...on cape cod anyway.

(all images via marie claire maison)
so pick a room, any room and hang out with me for a while. or hop around, room to room. i think i'll start in the first photo, in the tub, with coffee beside me and breathe for a while, then off to that little kitchen nook with the orange chair for a light breakfast...and so on and so on...this could be a good day in all of these spaces :) enjoy!!

1 comment:

beauty comma said...

the second one is lovely, and so is the bathroom, but ah... the next-to-last one. it's perfect! thank you =)