Thursday, November 5, 2009

amazing interiors. pure inspiration.

today is for pure inspiration. take them all in...these spaces. for how unusual, how different from one another they are. what elements are you drawn to? the more sparse and surreal or the more bright, cheery and lively?

(all photos courtesy of owi)
it's thursday, almost the weekend. how is your morning going? my mother is having surgery today, i'm off to visit her and maybe stop and pick her up an early birthday present as she'll need a suprise to open after all of that.
enjoy your day today, be inspired, be drawn to, be happy :)


Beach Vintage said...

Hope your mums surgery went well. I just love that big oval mirror there on the wall. Have a great weekend.

Kellie Collis said...

I quite like the room with the cat art!

Peacock Feathers said...

Great images! I can't help but love the pink floral sofa! And the enormous cat photo is both hilarious and arresting. I wonder what my guy would think if I had a photo of my three kitties blown up into an 8 foot tall poster?