Wednesday, November 4, 2009

let's get ready, to be funky.

it's fun at times to steer away from the traditional towards the funky and a bit eclectic and very non-traditional. even if you couldn't imagine an entire home filled with any of this style product, doesn't one or two of something funky make it down right fun though?

how fun is this children's "pick-up" car? wooden framed with foam, fire retardant seating, they can already feel the wind in their hair :)

speaking to all mario lovers, this bed would certainly call. cute and bright for a kids room.

this pendant, available in either black or white offers up texture to your space that needs it or needs more of it. i love the simplicity of it, like a wire basket.

transparent plastic illuminated makes up this very intriguing marie-louise lamp.

how about this unique, "green" version coffee table?

loving this rug.

super fun coffee table bookcase. would be great accessory to commercial space environments such as coffee shops, lounge areas etc.

unique take on the fireplace. instead a little ball of fire. can be turned 360 degrees also for your viewing pleasure, super cool. i mean hot!

just a non-traditional get away for you this wednesday from PID in sweden, for this half-way point in our week. where are you? what are you doing? i'm writing a paper (after i blog of course, priorities might be askew at the moment :) then off for a run and errands. all in all a calm wednesday...so far. enjoy yours!


L'Atelier said...

wow! what amazing cool stuff! i would love to have all! or at least one of them...
just had supper and after a hectic errands day, i decided to take it slow tomorrow :)

Callie Grayson said...

i very much want the marie-louise lamp for my bedroom!