Friday, October 23, 2009

yeah for fridays, yeah for weekends!

friends in blogland...what are you up to this upcoming, and i'm sure for most of you, highly anticipated weekend? i hope your weekend is full of good foods, fall walks, sleeping in, taking time to drink your coffee, pumpkin carving, red wine, shopping, or whatever it is that you find perfectly relaxing.

as for me this weekend, well i do have a pumpkin (awaiting the knife and design), i will be painting a little more for a friend's house, definitely eating fabulous food since my fiance is a crazy good cook, (it's a wonder i'm not as big as a house :) and i'm hoping a long sunday breakfast after sleeping in. that would do it for me, i love sunday breakfast. enjoy!


Tamstyles said...

i agree...now i am sleepy and ready for a friday nap

Tamstyles said...
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Callie Grayson said...

my weekend plan is pretty much how you described:)
enjoy your weekend!!