Monday, October 26, 2009

decorating with antlers?

i realize the antler craze has gone in and out of popularity in the decorating world. real? fake? quirky? sculptural? or painted? so many versions and then again, do we actually like them? really?...do you?
2 images below via country living.

resin antlers by jennifer khoshbin at her etsy site here.

image via domino magazine.

image via house and home.

2 images below via house beautiful.

then there's the quirky cardboard version from urban outfitters.

images below via we love domino.

i have to say (and as a vegetarian) that i would only be drawn to all of the fabulous resin and fake ones out there for my own personal decorating that is, and strangely (as a vegetarian) i am drawn to them. why? i don't really know, i can't put my finger on it. but i think it's the sculptural quality of them, the actual design that i'm drawn to most, does that make sense?
what is your antler answer? could you hang a pair, no matter how cleverly, in your home, anywhere? or do they bother you in some way? what if they were fake? just curious. i guess what i'm saying is i find them sort of funky and cool, when put in the right spot, or at the right height, or the right size. so much matters. enjoy this sunny monday everyone! (at least where i am :)

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Jules said...

hi robin! i'm on the fence with the whole antler look...i think i like them best when they're used in an unexpected way, like the antler wall sconces in that powder bathroom. or if the antlers are made out of an unexpected material, such as that black and white fabric! great round-up :)