Tuesday, October 27, 2009

catchy walls.

happy tuesday to you! i'm functioning today on a major lack of sleep and i found these wall papers and treatments fun to admire on this grey day (in my area we are expecting rain). i am always intrigued by the sort of "unexpectedness" (is that a word?) of wall treatments. how they can surprise a space, transform it from rather dull to fun and flirty instantly. and what's better, you can change them any time you want. how can anyone go wrong then right?

"fashion" by ferm living.

"feather" from ferm living.

"squares" from ferm living.

just...another way.

"rush hour" from ferm living.

found at ferm living!

"light bulb" wall stickers from ferm living.

enjoy these tempting scenes and enjoy your day however relaxing or busy. gobs of school work this week but super fun and inspiring. my son is also in his high school drama club and they have been putting on a haunted house, of which i am actually scared to go. no...seriously, they do such a great job that i actually get scared going in. so i'm there tonight, tired and scared, i hope i sleep tonight after it all :) enjoy!

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Chris said...

Yikes! Hope you catch up on your sleep. I know what that's like. I can't function on anything less than 6-7 hours MINIMUM, lol.

And I absolutely love those feathers! I would love to do something like that somewhere in my house. So pretty :)