Wednesday, October 28, 2009

viva terra and their accessories.

before i changed the direction of my shop towards chocolate only, i had the idea of a wine/coffee bar, offering only treats and of course the wine and coffee. viva terra was a catalog i perused often for their accessories. slate chalk board serving platters, where you can plunk chunks of cheese down, write in chalk the descriptions of what's being served, things like that. i love things like that.

i've always loved these quartz candle holders. they must sparkle beyond words with dimly lit spaces and gobs of these sprinkled around a dining table or around a sitting area. love.

reincarnated indian beer bottle candleholders. shiny and unique. a large cluster of them on a dining table would be a fun centerpiece for a fall dinner.

recycled jewel-toned vessels. wonderfully soft matted fall colors, but the bright jewel tones add pizzaz.

recycled earthstone balloon ball vases. i am drawn to these earthy fall colors at the moment. plus i love the sheen of the glass.

perching bird bark rings. rustic charm addition.

vibrant collage pouf.

pillows from scrap sari wraps. great color additions.

take a gander over to viva terra, these little beauties i've featured are only a tiny portion of their great finds. interesting entertaining accessories and ideas. who knows, if i ever progress towards that wine/coffee parlour, i'll be back to flipping through their pages again and putting together spaces in my head. so fun! enjoy :)


Tamstyles said...

those wooden birds are so nice. i have wanted those for a while...dont know whats keeping me back though.

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor said...

love that store too! :) thanks for stopping by the blog btw. i have those beer bottle candleholders, too, they're just not up yet. i'm thinking of keeping them for myself:)