Thursday, October 22, 2009


so, i woke up this morning having dreamt of beautiful white spaces (don't know why, you understand!) but i just did. so, when i opened my computer up, and pondered today's blog post, i just went with it my friends. everything white. :)

magnetic vases & candleholders, found here.

these next two bedrooms, found here.

these dreamy crochet curtains, found here.

this fun armoire, found here.

this spectacular sculptural table, found here.

awe, these birdie beauties, found here.

oooh, "her bath", found here.

this amazing tree bed, found here.

this white tree bed, found here.

so, there you have it, an eclectic variety of white spaces, things, design and fun. now that this white dream is out of my system, who knows what color tonight's dreams have in store for me?
what are you all doing today? where are you going? i'm off to a local college campus to review a very sustainable and "green" building for a project i'm working on for a class i'm taking. should be interesting. enjoy this thursday!

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