Wednesday, October 21, 2009


walls, walls, beautiful walls! if we look at the walls of our commercial or residential spaces as blank canvases, because really aren't they? then the possibilities are endless, and what's even better, we can change them up at any time. wallpaper them, paint them, mural them, letter them, decorate them, knock one down, put one up. completely intriguing what can be done.

i have a blog crush on skona hem's blog. and as i was perusing the translated pages (you can click here to do the same), catching up on this wonderful blog, i kept noticing walls, bountiful, plentiful, beautiful walls. so many i had to feature some, well, that skona hem has featured. had to. it needed to be done. :)
seriously though, aren't some of these jaw dropping? which wall do your eyes go directly to, which one would you want to take off of these blog pages right to your own home? i'm having trouble deciding, they are all unique, and striking in their own ways. love.
enjoy your wall candy this fine wednesday morning. i'm off to finish my painting job, then more homework. whatever your plans, have a great day!


Tamstyles said...

loveth them all...i wish i could do at least one crazy wall.

Chris said...

I still love the random letter look on a wall. I want to do that someday, but I gotta start collecting letters. And I only see tiny ones that look so-so. But it's such a cool concept!


I adore Skona Hem!!! It's the best mag ever. This is such a great roundup of walls. I'm mad for that one with the faces. It makes me want to just start drawing on a wall somewhere!

Beach Vintage said...

Love the red lamp on the little white table.

Kellie Collis said...

I adore pattern on pattern! x