Friday, October 9, 2009

ascension and fashion friday.

while everyone is trying to be a bit more "green", in their designing, purchasing and in their day to day living, well, so is ascension. their philosophy is simple: "to bring you the most inspiring selection of fashion and lifestyle products made beautifully, made fairly and wherever possible made from organic materials."

"our collections celebrate the finest artisanal skills (and fair of course), the best quality organic cottons and sustainable bamboo. teamed with ageless, contemporary designs, they are living proof that you can unite great eco credentials and great style."
i picked and chose pieces i liked and you should too. based out of england ascension's eclectic line is reasonably priced and has some fun lines. definitely worth a look. like those button boots above, how fabulous are those?
weekend plans everyone? hmmm, we are in the middle of a big painting project (i wish it was designed based, but just plain ol' painting) so we'll keep plugging away at that to finish up. in between maybe a dinner out and catching up on more homework reading. it never ends, but fun. enjoy!

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Heather said...

Nice. The boots and the pants really do it for me. Very nice.