Tuesday, September 22, 2009

bisazza mosaic tile.

when considering wall treatments, i love to consider the immense possibilities. maybe it's the artist in me with that inner voice saying..."if you don't find what you are looking for either in pattern, design or color, then create it, sculpt it, make it from scratch."

create pattern, pattern and pattern.

think outside wallpaper options: wow a client with tile pattern options, larger to smaller, keeping in a tonal color palette keeps the busy pattern at bay. so much for the eyes to follow, intriguing yet simply stunning.

from a beach house anywhere in the world to a swank commercial oceanfront hotel or spa, this coral tile depiction will fit right in.

crocodile patterned tile. consider the possibilities with adding this textural element to a space. any space really.

designing or re-designing an office space? corporate space? tile with numbers, how fabulous is this?

wonderful repeating key pattern in deep hot red. exotic, steamy, elegant and rich. perfect for a luxurious commercial or residential space, adding drama, excitement and dare.

imagine the limitless possibilities when tile is an option. like painting with tile, one can create a look, an original look at that, literally sculpted for their commercial or residential space. adding a conversation piece, texture, light, color, design, pattern and shape.

spaces that incorporate different mediums, textures are not only interesting, they are fabulous. originality is hard to come across these days and if you can pull it off, and different mediums like tile can help, then why not? go for it! love it. enjoy!


L'Atelier said...

very interesting!
not sure i would use it in my livingroom- but it certainly is an interesting option!!!

Dale said...

I'm dreaming of a client with this kind of budget!