Wednesday, September 23, 2009

bernhardt design.

i was exposed to bernhardt's pieces through my recent issue of interior design magazine. their logo is a straight red line (see 2nd photo) which turns up here and there throughout their wonderfully clean-lined pieces of furniture. and i love that.

their style is a cross between the jetsons and classical, if that can even be. but i think it is.
"bernhardt design markets to the architectural and design communities and is known for its excellence in design." bernhardt design also encourages up and coming designers and students in the design field to "make their products suitable for mass markets", creating an "interdisciplinary" course where students who excel, have their products included in bernhardt's standard product line.

i love too that their "look" lends itself to both residential and commercial use, not just one or the other. very versatile. versatile is good. :) enjoy your wednesday blogger friends! i'm completing a re-write on a paper for one of my classes and then will try to get a walk in. we've been lucky with our weather here!


Anne @ The City Sage said...

Love love love! Their sofas are especially gorgeous. I was in a shop recently that was carrying some of their pieces and they are even more comfortable than they look!

and as for the moccasins? go for it robin! they're so comfy--last year I wore out TWO pairs (which maybe doesn't speak to durability but DEFINITELY speaks to how much I loved them!)

laura said...

wow i love this. i adore simplicity with edge.

Tamstyles said...

talk about clean lines

Asiye said...

theses are aboslutely amazing! love the logo, the clean lines- and the clean and bold statement each piece makes without loosing elegance!