Thursday, September 24, 2009

dutch styling duo. friedamaria.

today, my head is in spaces like these from the amazing dutch duo, friedamaria. dreamy, foggy, soft, lazy and slow.

i discovered friedamaria's site through another fabulous blog, emma's design blog in sweden. found here. both truly inspirational, for light, texture, design, fun, whimsical, and inventive ideas.

i have lots to do and no gumption to get in motion. hmmm. i think i'll force myself into my running shoes, head out the door and be happy that a run probably jump started me for the day. how is your day going? how much do you love these inspirational photos. please visit both sites for more dreamy design eye-candy. enjoy!


georgia b. said...

oh, girl! i wish i could get myself to run. i was doing good keeping up with it before my reunion, 'cause i wanted to look good for that. as soon as it was over, though... i kind of let that go. even befoe i read this, i thought to myself as i was pouring my coffee desaparately trying to wake up, "i really need to get off my behind and get my body moving again." i'm way too stiff in the mornings for my age. :)

just wanted to stop by and say you are a doll for always stopping by and saying hello, even when i have not been able to visit your always wonderful blog for a while. it's ALWAYS so nice to hear from you. it will definitely be my new year resolution to get a new computer and faster internet. {by the way, your blog seems to seize up a lot on me. a lot of other blogs are slow for me, but yours actually locks up my firefox--which is what i usually use. so when coming here, i have to switch to safari.}

anyway, i miss stopping by! i hope you are well. i'm sorry you have to close up shop for winter. if i were wealthy, i'd take a vacation and buy out your store. i don't even know what's in it, but i know i would love it if it's anything like the style you exude on your blog. :)

i hope you find something else to sustain you in the interim. and i hope you enjoy the free time that it does give you, even if short.

oh--and about this post. you ask how much i love these photos?? oh, my! so so much! gorgeous. i'll definitely be visiting those sites. you might also like a blogger i have become friends with--joanna from sweden. her blog is simple blueprint. i love her blog! she is in my blog roll if you want to check her out.

well, have a lovely day! have a good run. {or was that yesterday?} have a great weekend!

Jules said...

fabulous images! i love the pink corset detail on the back of the chair in the first photo...and the upside-down saucers used as tealight holders! brilliant :)