Monday, September 21, 2009

home office. i need one.

at this very moment, my home office is basically my laptop set up on my kitchen table, tons of light with windows all around me, but still...my kitchen table.

to contemplate these home office spaces longer, find them here.

this fashionista home office found here.

these beautiful home office spaces found here.

i would absolutely crave and require lots of light, (natural during the day, soft electric by night), space, minimal clutter, warm colors, and comfy seating conditions.
a while back, my son and i lived in a "pink" cottage, (seriously it was just done over, spanky brand new but in the likeness of the martha's vineyard gingerbread cottage-style, oh so cute), anyway, it was tiny but i still managed to plunk my drafting table with all of it's accessories, under a sky light and almost between the kitchen and the living room, and somehow it worked. it also inspired my son who was little at the time to get on up there and draw, paint, just get creative!
i've sort of let that type of space go and am wanting it back.
do you have a home office? if so...do you like it? what would you change? or if you don't have one...how would you want it to be, decor-wise, light-wise and style-wise. just curious. things to ponder on this sunny monday as i sit at my current home office, my kitchen table. :) enjoy!


L'Atelier said...

i don't have a homeoffice- or studio at the moment. our space is too small for one. i am however not sure if i am better off finding a bigger place or a studio outside our home, both have advantages and disadvantages so am always torn between the two...
i am dreaming of a white lightflooded space, with quirky colourful details - that i can change and add to my liking and wimms
sorry havent been around much lately - was offline for a bit. am reading up all my fave blogs now- loving your last few posts

Bowe On Home Office Interior Design said...

I am so with you on the natural lighting in the office -- is a must.

Warm colors and comfy furniture as you also mentioned would be at the top of my list.

I would have to also have plants and some bold bright art on the walls. I find that the bright colors are stimulating to me......