Wednesday, August 12, 2009

photography feature. sicoactiva.

ok, so it's been a hectic start to my week and i'm running on 3 hours sleep, my fault completely, having stayed until the end of a very long red sox game in boston last night. waiting through a brawl, managers getting ejected, rain delays, you name it, it happened at the game last night. but how fun is all that? :)

so...to chill out a bit today i'm posting about a flickr site called sicoactiva that i found and found intriguing. sicoactiva's the name and because of a bit of a language barrier, i can't really give you more information about his or her site other than the fact the photography is fun, unusual, artistic and romantic.

after visiting sicoactiva's flickr site, you'll notice a link to their website or you can click here to view more of their work. i hope to learn more about the artist and will post once i do. how's that? but think of displaying sicoactiva's work in your commercial or residential space, especially the genius use of polaroids telling a story of sorts. actually i would love to see these as a large scale wall panel in a commercial or residential space and backlit. i just love that. what do you think? how is your week going? slow and easy or hectic but good? enjoy!


Beach Vintage said...

I love this concept. It really makes you look into the artwork. My week s great. I am BACK from my break.

Tamstyles said...

I would love something huge like this in my den of us..

L'Atelier said...

great concept- brilliant idea