Thursday, August 13, 2009

bagno sasso. rendezvous with exclusivity.

the most amazing wooden tubs...yes i said wooden. get ready to be amazed!

"the OCEAN sailor bathtub model is one of the youngest products from bagno sasso’s hotbed of creative design. this free-standing bathtub, which is made from unique wood and resembles the patterns of a zebra, is a true feast for the eyes. the individual veneers are cut to the exact millimetre, and with the utmost precision, placed onto a structure. each tub is crafted by hand, making it utterly unique."

"the tub LAGUNA spa confidently represents a unique product from the LAGUNA range. the administered technology, above all, is exceptional, and ensures the creation of a remarkable structure of wood. without a doubt, the elaborate overflow prevention technology at the edge of the tub is the highlight of this model. a narrow gravel bed surrounds this special tub model, making the LAGUNA spa a true eye-catcher."

"to its perfect design, the tub transforms every bathroom into a true haven of well-being, where one can completely switch off and relax. this free-standing unit of art work does not allow any more size alteration, and a drainage/overflow prevention system cannot be incorporated either. this free-standing model boasts a creation of wood and glass, combined to create a unique combination, making the WAVE diamond tub a particularly superior model."

"bagno sasso was founded in 1995 by former bicycle pro and world championship participant, rolf senti. the company, whose existence spans 14 years, developed from humble beginnings to an internationally-active company in the planning and equipping of exclusive baths and spa furnishings. recently, the company has also managed to gain a foothold in product design. its products are distributed worldwide, whereby some products are distributed through licensing."

ok, so maybe they are based out of zurich,and for most of us zurich is a bit far to go. but if you have the wherewithall residentially or commercially to order one of these magnificant tubs from bagno sasso...then zurich is probably not an issue. you'll just want one right? are you a tub person or shower? i do love tubs when i can find the time to really enjoy it, otherwise i'm in the shower. if i could get my bathtub deprived little hands on one of the bagno sasso tubs, i'm thinking i'd find the time :) enjoy!

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