Friday, August 14, 2009

fashion friday. MiME vintage. (on e-bay!)

as you all know...i feature fashion friday, well, on fridays of course! today the find is vintage.
MiME's motto: "we are attitude collectors, art lovers, retro futurists, very close friends & 2 big fans of cosmos. we collect unique and inspiring vintage clothing & other goods fr hk/china, japan, korea, portugal, france..we d like to share our collection & creation w you. NEW finds are coming soon! HAVE FUN!"

so...if you are a lover of all things vintage like me, or even a few things vintage, MiME's sites are a must see. they have an e-bay site here,and a flickr site here.

we all should really just hold on to all of our current trends in hopes that they too will be vintage finds one day...if only we all had the room! there is a softness with these vintage dresses, a femininity, a womanly, romantic feel. sometimes sexy is not about showing tons of skin, but about elegance, how you wear something, how it makes you feel. i know these dresses would make me smile, feel pretty and beautiful while wearing them.

MiME's prices are super reasonable too, most of these dresses are between $40.00-$60.00. so to get you modern hands on some vintage finds, that's not a bad deal don't you think? it's friday friends :) what are you up to this weekend? i'm taking my son to see tony bennett before he stops singing altogether and have him witness a true gentlemen singer. should be super fun. see you back here monday morning! enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Those patterns are so retro and so flattering!


Kellie Collis said...

Love that first dress!

Beach Vintage said...

ooohhh, I love Tony Bennett and I adore these dresses. Have a great weekend.