Tuesday, August 11, 2009

new from cb2.

"skylines. urban landscape outlines high-rise life in charcoal on white with energetic pops of bright yellow. slubby white canvas with oversized power grommets in rustproof brass." we have been sort of plain jane's with our shower curtains lately and this stopped my and made me smile, thought it would be a fun way to mix it up in your bathroom.

there is something about the design of dandelions that always makes my head turn. i'm not a huge fan of having all of my dinnerware match (mine is completely eclectic china from my travels to flea markets, antique stores etc.) but this line is so awfully pretty don't you think?

i love this bright & cheery little nightstand table. and the bauhaus arc floor lamp also the "lubi" daybed with it's stacked double mattress sleeps as a twin. the top half can be taken off and placed on the floor next to the bottom to create a double bed. hmmm...fun for a guest room or a child's room :)

"bao wow. chinatown red resin couple uphold books and domestic integrity. male lion asserts paw on ball, guarding condo or loft. female nuzzles single cub under paw symbolizing protection for those who reside inside."

"red hot. hi-gloss white hemisphere surprises with bright red interior. very 70s scandinavian. iron shade suspends from white cord reinforced with metal cable."

"baby bloomers. welded cast aluminum sculpture radiates 19 mini vases for a domed bouquet of small blossoms. watertight interior sealed with silver paint. intriguing object sans petals, too."

"a pinch retro. mod stoneware vessels taper bright in pure 1960s form. pillars rise inch by pinch to slim rectangular opening. small yellow and tall orange are watertight for fresh arrangements."

"love in. frayed indigo denim and layered mini metallic sequins groove in peaceful harmony on beige hopsack weave of 100% cotton."

just got my new cb2 mag in the mail a day or two ago. and while i wouldn't want to decorate my whole home with cb2 product a piece or two here and there are definitely super fun. i'm always attempting to keep spaces a bit fun, reminding us to breathe, and not take each day quite so serious. and that's not to say you can't have a home full of beautiful, expensive antiques, art, collectors items and of course, all of that is quite serious. but...throw that "peace" pillow on that expensive antique couch, drape that bauhaus arc lamp over a high priced living room set to whisper hey "i'm fun too"! right? are you with me? good! happy tuesday. been a busy start to my week, but all positive things going on. i'll fill you in on my ventures this week :)


L'Atelier said...

the shower curtain is fab & i love love love dandolions too :)

Kellie Collis said...

I love cb2's range they have for candles.. always so pretty x

Jules said...

i love cb2! they have such fun accessories and fantastic prices. fun post :)


They really do have some great things and it's so affordable. The shower curtain is definitely the best.