Friday, August 7, 2009

fashion friday. featuring looklet.

looklet is so fun you guys! this site is chock full of ideas for mixing and matching outfits, accessories, shoes, you name it. and if you don't like the way they showcase an outfit, click the re-mix button and voila! more "about" looklet below...

looklet is a brand new styling studio where you can combine every piece in our fashion collection to mix, match and create your personal looks. all clothes are real, selected by stylists, from real designers.

by the sweat of our brow, and our aching backs, our collective wardrobe is growing by hundreds every week.
we are bringing in the latest trends from top designers.
we are chasing down the coolest vintage from dusty stores and attics.
we are keeping track of new designers, and highlighting promising students.
we are inviting exceptionally stylish people to lend us the gems of their own wardrobes, so we can share them with you.
and we're just getting started. why?
because LOVE! that's why. it's all about the love for creativity, style and old-fashion new-technoloy fun. we don't sell clothes, we create looks.
this is fashion in a way the world has never seen before."

i'm super drawn to their fun tights with fall coming next. i love wearing a not-so-flashy-outfit, and throwing everyone off with very intriguing tights. they seem to give any outfit a fun kick. :) i wore a pair of super sheer tights one day to the market and they were lightly tie-dyed and a gentleman actually came up to me and asked if my legs were tattooed. can you imagine a tie-dyed tattoo, so funny! take what you like out of looklet but have some serious fun. hey it's friday, you should have fun right?! we are beaching it again on sunday, trying to get out fix of the ocean and sand before the seasons change for a while around here. what are your plans? enjoy yourselves!


Eva said...

This is brilliant! Thanks for posting. It's nice to have a place that you can mix and match rather than just cutting out magazines for a look book or bookmarking many websites. Have a fabulous weekend!

Adela said...

great outfits!


Louise | UPrinting said...

Ahaha! Oh my, I'm enjoying myself with this one. I can probably get some fashion tips from playing with the models' look. Thanks for sharing this amazing site!
Now let me go back to remixing my model... :D

Kellie Collis said...

I adore the 3rd image. All gorgeous just love that one!! x

Alluring Interiors said...

Pretty Fabulous blog!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

great blog!!

karyn said...

Fabulous outfits. Love the 4th one.

Anne @ The City Sage said...

VERY cool! What a fun toy :)

hope you had a fun weekend robin!

carolina bleu said...

simply brilliant.

Vince said...

I have been in search of such interesting Articles, I am on a holiday its good to see that everyone are trying their best to keep up the Spirit by having such great articles posted.

Cheers, Keep it up.

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