Thursday, August 6, 2009

love it or leave it. color.

so...as i contemplate the restaurant space which i spoke of in yesterday's post below, color is also an issue that needs attention. i have a color palette in mind for their interior spaces and it's full of luscious wines, smoky greys, silver, a touch of gold. super sexy, rich, elegant and sultry. how about you? your residential or commercial space...are you a definite "i have to have color on my walls" or are you one of those shy "white wall people" who either hasn't made up their mind or can't take the plunge?

another thing i love about paint colors, are the fabulous names they have. such as...
"jet black"

"dorian gray"

"come sail away"



"chilled chardonnay"

"going to the chapel"


then there's color perfectly bright enough for one wall only.

so, if you are a color person, which color are you drawn to at this very moment? if you were in a restaurant, which colors would you love to be surrounded by or would it depend on the type of food they serve? if you have a white walled house, are you happy with it? curious. enjoy these color selections (and their fun names) and happy thursday...we are almost there! :)


Dionne said...

I love all these.

With me, color is so dependent on my mood, and in the case of a restaurant - what I am eating. I wouldn't want to go to a fresh frozen yogurt place that had deep red walls, I would want it in pastels to give that fresh, vibrant vibe. But then alternatively, if I wanted to go out for a romantic, intimate dinner with my husband, I wouldn't want to go to a brightly lit Bubble-gum pink restaurant. I think all colors and color-combos have their place, it just depends on where they use them.

Anne @ The City Sage said...

I am totally immersed in colors right now as we're in the process of painting all our rooms. i'm so seduced by a good name, too--I happily chose 'chantilly lace' over 'super white' for all our moulding! and in the living room? venetian marble on the walls, victorian mauve on the ceiling. i'm totally jealous of the people whose job is coming up with these names!

alice said...

I have gone through my phases with color walls, but these phases go too quickly and usually I wish I had a neutral wall and could change my accessories... but I am very tempted by a beautiful color wall every now and then!

Porchlight Interiors said...

I do love that green wall!

Anonymous said...

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