Wednesday, August 5, 2009


i wanted to post today about what's on my mind. because i'm literally designing a space in my head...while in the shower, while vacuuming, while running, while driving, well you get the picture. obsession. do you ever see a space and it's clear to you, positively clear what needs to be accomplished to make it shine? i'm so there right now. from the plantings to the lighting. i've put a bug in the ears of those who will listen...that i can transform the existing space of a restaurant in my area and bring it to life after much transition and change, and so my thinking cap is on very tight right now.

i love this lighting for their interior and it pairs well with their logo, which is made up of many circles. keeping that circular motif repeating throughout the space. what do you think?

"a 90 piece "drawn to the light" made from an unusual black glass. the glass appears black until the bright light passes through it, when it becomes highlighted with a rich wine red hue."

just look at the shadow that the "drawn to the light", light casts.

how beautifully glowing are these cibola lights? "each fine bone china shade has a carved pattern of concentric rings, inspired by the many layers of an onion. by day, the cibola looks beautiful as a sculptural white form, by night, the translucent bone china glows, emphasising the surface detail." these pair perfectly with the look of the logo of this restaurant.

for the restaurant, these trays/plates for oils, dips, shrimp cocktail? the list is endless for its uses.

these amoeba candlesticks are super fun and tie in with the look of the lighting. very organic in nature don't you think?

i think if you want to transform, if you really want to change, stop looking at the ordinary and move to the extraordinary. get people talking. make a statement. revolutionize a space. create a major buzz. and dare to be different. i thought this lighting from scabetti would do just that. i'll keep you posted on my progress. you never know. enjoy!


L'Atelier said...

oh i really hope you will be doing this space! i want to see what you do with it. love all the items , and you got me thinking of chairs, paint colours and bars...
lol, i want a piece of the fun ;)
hope you having a good week , don't forget we waiting on updates ;)

Jules said...

what beautiful fixtures - so unusual and unexpected. i really, really think you should go for it and approach them (if you already haven't)! they would be blown away by your amazing ideas and passion for that place. good luck to you robin :)

Anonymous said...

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