Tuesday, July 21, 2009

remember the details, the little things.

one thing that i'm a stickler on is the details. for some it may be a broader scope or view while designing and then tweaking spaces whether commercial or residential. but for me, it's everything. from the broad general idea to each spaces' color palette, to the texture of a lampshade or pillow.

make a statement to define a space. really define it. "create a bold feature on the wall behind your sofa with a large map of the world. continue the colours around the rest of the room by using them in the accessories and cushions."

take a simple space and break it up, through line, texture. "echo the architectural lines of a room on the walls themselves with angled stripes in elegant shades. take a piece of furniture, such as these shelves as a starting point."

contemporize a dining area, by adding big drama. "range unmatched contemporary black chairs around a table overhung by a glamorous black chandelier from aria for a hint of decadence in the dining room. wood panelling and painted floorboards make a warm backdrop for this informal table setting, enlivened with a vivid pink carnation ball in a glass bowl."

a soothing monochrome bedroom. "a glimpse of black in a white scheme adds a note of drama in this monochrome bedroom. particularly eye-catching is the black lace panel from laura ashley at the window that brings a classic feminine touch to the room."

set aside a space in your home for a glamourous reading area. all your own. "for a heavy dose of polished glamour, add some of this season's lustrous metallics to your home. choose elegant furniture with shimmering materials, then add comfort under foot with a shaggy, cosy rug."

"combine wrought-iron garden furniture, like these paris chairs from the greenhouse effect, with bright raoul textile cushions and a colourful pergola tent from pots and pithoi, to create a stylish outdoor dining area."

here, "the tv is hidden in a wooden cabinet. blue patterned walls, curtains and a print over the fireplace all complement the centrepiece chair. invest in a pouffe as extra seating and opt for laminate flooring which is easy to clean."

if bold brights are not your style, monochrome your living room but still allowing impact by it's subtleness. "a patterned, aubergine-toned ottoman by osborne & little adds colour, while a reflective painting by christopher thompson and an antique child's rocking chair mix the moods."

"the claret reds and warm woods of a traditional dining room are given a contemporary twist with iconic designs like the arco light and the chairs from the conran shop." i am also loving these candlestick holders from saw it first.

"make your living room into a cosy retreat by using deep, rich colours to evoke a feeling of warmth. choose luxurious textures with a quilt from habitat, cushions and a comfy sofa, from sofa workshop."

"traditional cream gets a modern twist with pink accents inspired by champagne bags displayed on a shelf. dusky pink tiles and a black aga make a centrepiece against natural farrow & ball walls."

glam up a dull hallway with romantic lighting and lush fabrics.

all photos courtesy of house to home.
i love these examples that house to home portrays of spaces where the details, the little things are thought of, either planned or last minute, but thought of. a space is really never done, we make changes, either with color or texture etc. but remembering the details shows thought, gives spaces your personality, your style, your special signature. what do you like to add as far as details go?

for me it's lighting, texture, arranging my space so that it moves, it flows, it breathes. enjoy these little details today and enjoy the little things you've added to yours that makes it your very own. :)


L'Atelier said...

i love the first photo! i just found my dream wall for my dream studio!!! its gorgeous

my details are flowers, textures and colours...
you found once more spaces to dream of!

well so i am off dreaming of that perfect studio space

FancyPants-design said...

Beautiful photos! I am loooving that map mural in the first photo!!

Kellie Collis said...

I adore the edging on that very first cushion... Just gorgeous!! x

georgia b. said...

yikes! that map wall is awesome!

great post. the best things in my home to me are the little things. they are what make up the grander scheme. i love accenting the charming or unique bones of my house—the curved wall in the hallway. the long skinny bathroom and kitchen. the old windows. the vintage linoleum.


Robin, this is such a fantastic post! There's so much great advice here and wonderful photos to illustrate your points.