Monday, July 20, 2009

beach inspired ideas.

yesterday, sunday, we packed up, drove to beautiful nauset beach and stayed all darn day long! my free time, when i have it, is almost always spent outside and usually near the beach. i'll bike down to sketch, walk the beach, read the paper, sip on coffee early in the morning and am having crazy ideas about learning how to shellfish. i know...right?

relaxed printed seashell pillows. add to your front porch, outdoor swings or patio dining chairs. learn how here.

how lovely is this idea for seashell mood lighting? so lovely. make this here.

how genius is this idea? create no-skid front or back porch steps with beach sand! learn how here.

i imagine my front steps loaded with these simple clay pots and adorned with shells like this. completely perfect for summer porch decor. make them here.

perfect for a bathroom, nightstand, kitchen or outdoor porch. a sea glass tiled tray which you can make here.

a simple summer shell wreath for or beside your front door, on a wall in any room. make it here.

how adorable is this angel food cake sand bucket? find out here.

"a wide-mouthed, spiral nautilus shell can double as a pearlescent vase for bedroom bouquets." how do prepare it here.

sea glass ideas: earrings straight from the beach. make them here.

how about fun sea glass mobiles for your summer windows? make it here.

i love having shells around. and this soap dish is fabulous. make it here.

pretty shell candles. martha stewart tells you how to make them here.

but what i take away from these trips to the beach is a calm that i just don't get anywhere else. i crispy new energy, a healthy looking glow about me, and a renewed spirit and fresh clear mind. good for the soul!

the magazine i grabbed and toted to nauset was a current martha stewart living, i hadn't perused her pages in some time. and her summer magazines have been calling me. martha being so completely inspiring in her own way, had beach thoughts as well. except she has pulled together some fabulous and unique ideas of bringing a bit of the beach back home to stay for a while. i thought i'd share. it's helping me this morning to keep those sounds of the ocean, feel of the sand, the crystal cold clear water washing over me...on my mind this monday morning, as i'm cleaning the shop, answering e-mails and ordering product. enjoy these beachy ideas with me this morning. hoping you had as relaxing a weekend as me :) enjoy!


georgia b. said...

love the earrings and the shell wreath.

i still have not made it to the beach this summer. there is a gorgeous one on lake michigan that i love to go to. but we have had such a mild summer, i have not felt much like going to the beach. i mean it's been down right cold some days. so strange! i've never known such a cool summer here.

but as soon as the hot weather hits, you can be sure i will be heading for the beach.

you've made me want to dig up my shell earings. they are different than the ones you posted, but the same shell material—lot's of little circles of the shell material on a dangled bunch. they are really cute.

The Townhouselady said...

My parents retired to a beach house. When I go I never want to leave.

I love these ideas. I'm sending mom a link to this.

Callie Grayson said...

eeee, i am so exicted! I love making items out of sea shells!! that lighting is magnificant. such great ideas.


Leigh said...

I would love to wake up there! Also in love with the seashells and decor ideas. Marking for sure, maybe I can plan a room and pretend I am somewhat close to the beach ;)

Kellie Collis said...

I do love those flowers in the shell x