Wednesday, July 22, 2009

chandelier bargain heaven.

ok, so maybe they're not true antiques, true vintage chandeliers. BUT, they are priced for most of our pocket books these days...affordable. SO, we too can live like a princess, dancing around under our own magical chandelier in all of our glory, knowing also that we got a great deal! :) check out these prices why dont' ya.













so, are these styles not you, not tugging at your chandelier heart strings? don't fret, there are literally hundreds more. in fact i had a hard time just picking some to showcase. gallery 803 is their name and chandeliers are their game. gallery 803 has a tab for chandeliers under $300.00 which of course, was my first stop. there is truly a style for each and every one of you out there. no, really! take a peak at gallery 803 and grab a chandelier for your front porch, your bedroom, over your dining table, in your bathroom even! with these prices you could hang one in every room :) enjoy!


georgia b. said...

i am really loving the two with the shades around them! never seen something like that until now, and i like it a lot!

i just saw an incredible vintage "layered cake" style chadalier at the antique store near my house for an unbelievable deal. although still too expensive for me, i could not believe the great price it was going for. i wanted to get it for my etsy shop.

The Townhouselady said...

I love you for posting this!! I have been looking for a chandelier to hang over our dining room table for over a year now. Everything I can afford I hate anything I like is so ridiculously out of my price range I want to throw thing.


Jules said...

hi robin! what beautiful chandeliers! the prices are unbeliveable! i'm really loving #9 and #11.

L'Atelier said...

i love #1, #3 and second last one
and would definitly dance and feel like a real princess under either of them!!

Maverick Malone said...

I like that black round looking one...(second from the bottom I think?)

There was a mini chandelier in urban outfitters so long ago that I was obsessed with and never got it! These are all pretty cool, though.

discount Quoizel said...

All chandeliers are beautiful and unique in design. Love to have one of those. Thanks for posting this pics.