Thursday, July 23, 2009

for the love of kids.

these are my favorite new find. "little nobody chairs" made from recycled plastic bottles. i love the soft inviting shapes that they produce. if i was a elementary teacher i'd have these little nobody chairs stacked and sprinkled all around my room. love them!

"fata" is extremely versatile and can satisfy any sort of taste, not just for the children’s room but wherever a practical and smart furnishing solution is needed."

how about as an adult version, elegant, unusual and functional.

this industrial robot bed with shelving is genius. a virtual jungle jim right in your own child's bedroom!
"children’s bed. it is a play/educational structure in grey or red epoxy powder painted steel rod. it is supplied with two wire-nets, four shelves, two baskets, a height-adjustable table in white laminate and a set of hooks."

these whimsical agatha chairs are fun for your not-your-average lunch table chairs at school. making lunch even more of a favorite part of the school day. made from steel frames finished in metallic polyester, these chairs offer purpose but keeping with fun design and a child's imagination.

i smiled when i saw this little man chair. a very grown-up rendition of a hip modern chair for little ones. very chic. it just goes to show you that not everything in a child's room need be silly, it can be positively serious as well and pulled off with charm.

these brightly colored chairs are fun, organic in shape and completely utilitarian without losing interesting, simply great design. they flow perfectly with little bodies.

all photos courtesy of architonic.

kids furnishings are surely not what they used to be. they're hip, edgy, fun, modern and extremely useful which is key. let's just say that these items were not available in my room growing up as a young person. when designing a child's room, there is no need today to compromise on design. there is so much more out there than the obvious chain store furnishings. especially the great lines of "green" products like the chairs in my first photo. research, imagine, design and help your children's room to help them thrive, learn, grow and be. enjoy!


Dionne said...

I love these chairs! I like how they each seem to have their own personality. I would love the heart-backed ones for a kids playroom, and those felted ones too. Cuteness!

Leigh said...

I have to have those chairs, so cute!! I could seriously be okay with a ton a mixed chairs in my home.

avant garde said...

i could too, the more mismatched the better :)

georgia b. said...

so so so cute is the little man chair.