Thursday, July 23, 2009

anything prada. it's fashion friday everyone!

so, a little unknown tidbit about me is that i am very drawn to anything prada. do i have a prada bank account? NO. but a girl can dream. when we head up to newbury street in boston, my first 2 stops are at second time around and the closet because they feature higher end, used clothing or clothing sometimes new with the tags still on them, but someone was crazy enough not to want them. so like the vulture that i am, i'm always on the hunt for prada at these stores...and sometimes i get lucky.

all photos courtesy of style.com.

this is prada's 2010 resort collection and i had to share some of my loves. featured on style.com...prada's resort collection is fresh, full of pattern and rich colors or color blocked in simple, almost edgy jackie-o style dresses.

in my dream world, i dress myself in prada...and another favorite designer of which i'll share on a future fashion friday. on this note, do you like prada? do you own anything prada? if not, what is your favorite designer, who do you long for? my morning was completely crazy and i'm hoping yours wasn't as much and that you are happy it's almost the weekend. i'm taking my son to see "rent" on sunday and cannot wait. happy weekend everyone! :) enjoy!


georgia b. said...

i'll take the second to the last, please. :)

holy cow. this week flew by. when i stopped by, my initial thought was "why is she doing her fashion friday post on a thursday?"


yikes. time is flying by. so is summer. anyway, turns out my post today is fashion-related, too. not intentionally.

have a fabulous weekend, miss robin!

L'Atelier said...

i fell in love with prada in the late nineties.. so had my fair share of prada shoes and bags....but haven't gotten anything prada in ages,except my sunglasses this year. i also swear they were much cheaper in the nineties!
i went once to the factory outlet in florence... ah what an experience that was-but i ended up spending much more than i would have going to the normal store in zurich, you know one of those uh its so much cheaper so let me get more experiences ;)

The Townhouselady said...

I'm more into jewels/accessories than fashion but I totally get why you're smitten with these. What fantastic pieces!


Sam said...

These are super divine - I especially love the accessories - the colours are risky but work so well! I often press my nose against the window of the Prada store here in Sydney!

Jules said...

what a fabulous post! i do enjoy prada - my bank account does not! ha ha :) i'd love to splurge on that last dress! hope you enjoyed your weekend - how was rent?

Dionne said...

Oooh I like all the color block outfits. Gorgeous! And have fun seeing Rent!!! How fun!