Thursday, July 30, 2009

pump up your spaces with velocity.

thomas wold mushroom 7-top coffee table. "the mushroom forest table series is a new table design concept from bay area designer thomas wold. these collectible designs are available in two sizes: a three-top single-color side table/nightstand and a seven-top, multicolor coffee table. the mushroom caps function as flat table tops, each with different height and cap circumference. the "burl" base provides an extremely stable platform for the "growing" stems and caps. the mushroom forest series of tables provide a dramatic setting for objects such as glasses, books, vases, or alarm clocks or simply serves as a reminder to be happy."

molo urchin textile soft light. i may have posted about this light before (i forget!) but i don't mind doing it again since they are extraordinary to say the least, dreamy, etherial and their glow is intoxicating. "the urchin softlight has a unique character that is irresistible, inviting playful interaction. the three-dimensional geometry of the urchin will morph through a multitude of forms as you rotate it through and around its own centre with your hands. the elastic movement and shifting organic form are akin to sea creatures and the pieces feel almost alive…with a little imagination."

ponoko pollen pendant light. "the pollen pendant is hanging lamp that is designed to be totally unique. by wrapping and weaving the material of choice around this pollen shaped structure, the user is able to provide their own personal touch to this modern design.
the ability to control the color, texture and material of this lamp makes this piece ideal for the truly creative. the piece shown above was created using white acrylic yarn." how fabulous is this light, imagine hanging from the ceiling of a front porch, or a cluster of them? talk about a wow factor.

this "ghost" candelabra is an intriguing tabletop accessory whether indoors or out. by innermost, it's etched lines and elegant simple base will be a conversation piece during dinner for sure.

one thing i do love about velocity is that they carry alot of products by roost which i feel is a very creative company on their own. the louver wood screen by roost has a rythmic design and utterly modern lines drawing from the geometric lattice of harwood panels.

esque water drop jug vase. i could easily see a cluster of these just about anywhere or perhpas one plunked down on your nightstand with something pretty poking out, like say peonies for me since i'm obsessed with them this year! "each glass esque creation is hand-blown and will vary slightly from piece to piece. each piece is a signed, unique, original, functional work of art.
esque glass is now all made with recycled glass stock; processed in an electric furnace that's powered by wind energy. another velocity green product!"

roost jute pattern rug. the natural organic circular shape of this roost rug is perfect for that casual entryway, front porch or even outdoor seating area. add in the natural materials used and you have a welcoming summer rug addition to any space.

ink dishes, designed by paul timman. i love their hip, tattoo-esque quality and would make for fun outdoor place settings.

"these intricately embroidered silk dupioni poufs evoke the magic of arabian nights and the smell of exotic spices. perfect for extra seating or as a luxe foot stool, the large aubergine pouf features verdant green details, the small green pouf comes with right aubergine embroidery." these poufs offer a casual corner in your home or commercial space, toning down anotherwise stiffer environment. perfect for that.

so...could you see yourself living with any of these pieces? as with all modern, funky companies you have to pick and choose, but adding that element of fun, surprise, color, texture etc. from companies like velocity or roost can certainly spunk up any environment that needs spunking. :) enjoy!


L'Atelier said...

uh i love these, especially the urchin lights they gorgeous


Velocity is definitely one of my favorite shops in Seattle!

stagingworks2009 said...

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