Friday, July 31, 2009

fashion friday & stanton james.

"stanton james
to create an urban, modern shopping experience was our goal. we fill the store with a mix of hard to find, independent, up & coming, eco-friendly and who knows maybe even vintage pieces. the name comes from our parents, our mothers maiden name (stanton) & our fathers name (james). 2-sisters, one mission – stanton james.com"

stash pocket dress.

bennu amethyst boot cut pants.

sweetzer ruffle collar dress.

athens dress.


knit cardigan slip.

color block shrunken blazer.

fairfax single breasted vintage blazer.

mont royal jacket.

what drew me to the lines that stanton james carries is their artistic, edgy, yet feminine appeal. sort of a cross between anthropologie and urban outfitters. i love non-typical, boutique style clothing that has people wondering where any pieces you might be wearing came from. not your average mall store clothing for sure. i particurally have been loving many of their dresses. oh, and that cardigan with the ruffle slip attachment. fun with jeans and high heels. :) what are your thoughts on any of these pieces for this fashion friday? are their any you could see yourself in?

what are you up to this weekend my friends in blogland? my son has been working on a play this summer and the shows are this weekend, starting tonight. i'm looking forward to it! maybe i'll post a picture or two next week. whatever you are up to, have so much fun doing it! enjoy.



I LOVE the Athens dress!

stagingworks2009 said...

Beautiful dress. It is casual and fun to see. Thanks for passing this on here. I wish I had some and made it as special gift. From Toronto Home Stager