Tuesday, July 28, 2009

loving this, loving that.

so, right now i'm loving...

this loft space:"bynewyork is a loft space on the top floor of a building in manhattan's soho district that was designed by the architect piero lissoni. hmmm...where do i start my love list with the creation of this amazing space. first, the open floor plan, stunning in it's space alone. i also am loving the way some pieces in these spaces stretch towards the high ceilings accentuating and exposing the height this loft offers and yet other pieces like the low sectional seating areas, squat towards the floor, bringing your eyes back down and grounding you right then and there. second, the exposed ceilings, steel rafters and plumbing gives the space a real, gritty beginning. a blank canvas background. the large use of mirrors helps to expand the space from end to end and then there is the fabulous array of shapes that float through the loft, so many circles, squares and rectangles. simplifying a complex design mind at the helm.

loving this penta light. "during this year's euroluce in milan, italian lighting manufacturer penta exhibited their 2009 collection" including pieces from a number of designers.
what pulls me into this space is the flip flop of the topsy turvy way that these lights are presented. right side up and up side down, making for a very interesting lighting compostion.

this lamp fascinates me, part human in form, part robot, part light. really fun. chrorong lamps by joongho choi. "reinterpreting the ‘chong-sa-chorong’, the korean illumination device, in terms of modern thoughts. this lighting device could be hanged onto fixed metal pole, or held by hand, but most importantly when it was hanged onto a long fixed pole called ‘deung rong deh’, it would vividly show the difference between the wall and the illumination itself, building up tensions in the atmosphere. That tension could be maximized by just hanging on to the supporting pole, and I have brought along the advantageous idea from the ‘chong-sa-chorong’ which is being able to move from place to another in various directions."

"mapping the light". i love the unusual leaning motion and dangling globes that turn your head and send you thinking, "hey that's not your usual standing lamp." designed by adrien rovero.

these tasmanian oak and wool felt upholstery lights are a definite new love! called the "porcini light", it "grew from a subtle exploration into the elegantly simple form of the mushroom. a series of organic shapes and forms were reinterpreted to form these beautifully crafted and sustainable pieces."

i am loving these chairs by italian designer pedrali. i love the quality of light they allow through the material, and the two materials together, the unbreakable polycarbonate and the metal. they appear to glow, they are inviting, sturdy and fragile in appearance all at the same time.

i see them lined up like this, in a well lit space, allowing the color to shine, glow and begging you to come sit for a while.

here you go then, some tuesday eye candy love. what are you loving today? a fascinating interior you've found, a new fabric, material, lighting? that's what is great about tomorrow, you never know what you'll find! enjoy :)



Oh my goodness, this is eye candy overload. I love that red lamp - it's so unusual and sleek. And those felt lights are fantastic. I love anything felt!

Laura [What I Like] said...

Fabulous, I am so intrigued by all of those light fixtures. What wonderful finds! Any idea about that perfectly macabre black chandelier? I'm a little obsessed.

Porchlight Interiors said...

Wow, that loft space really had my heart racing - so fabulous! Thanks for sharing! Tracey xx

Porchlight Interiors said...

Very chic spaces. I love the large timber bookcase against all the white.
Thanks for your lovely comment. It put a smile on my face. Hayley

georgia b. said...

oh, the chairs and the lamp shade with the cloth. so so cool. and i so so want.