Tuesday, July 7, 2009

les indiennes.

i have a new fabric love, lust and just have to have kind of feeling once discovering les indiennes. there is something so completely old meets new, vintage & modern, super summery and soft about these fabrics. truly the prettiest line i've seen in quite some time.

oh, and their line of red designs...pure love.

les indiennes carries a fabulous line of hand block printed paper rolls and are so exotic.

"when mary mulcahy first developed an interest in indian textiles, she just wanted fabrics that were as she envisioned them- fresh and simple, authentically indian yet pleasing to the western eye.

what were once complex traditional designs with multiple colors, she transformed by extracting and simplifying particular motifs, reducing them to a single color, and elegantly spacing them on a creamy white background. the fabric was so wonderful that les indiennes came into being.

we are particularly proud of the fact that les indiennes never set out to industrialize or to change the way things are done in india. the production of our fabric does not cause pollution nor does it disrupt the traditional lifestyle of the village where it is made. les indiennes provides fair trade employment for over 50 families, raising the standard of living for the entire community, and all the while leaving no environmental or social footprint."

seriously i can see anything and everything in my little cottage transformed by les indiennes fabric line, bedding line, and pillow line. is your mind racing? do you love this line? love to hear your thoughts. what would you transform with it? and which pattern are you drawn to most, which pattern could you live with for a while? i'm very drawn to their summer cobalt blues right now, but the reds are turning my head too :) enjoy!


L'Atelier said...

love the second pic, and the reds... and just all of them and i could see transforming my entire space with it!

georgia b. said...

array of beautiful designs. great find! i wouldn't mind any number of things i own covered in many of those fabrics.

i really respect fabric and textile designers that can come up with new patterns and designs that are fresh and not over done or done to death before.

Anne @ The City Sage said...

Simply wonderful! I love the airy, breezy feel with a touch of subtle color. these would look lovely decorating a screened in porch!


...you are a girl after my own heart...luv.

FancyPants-design said...

These fabrics are utterly gorgeous!!

Jules said...

great resource! i can't wait to visit their website. that butterfly fabric really caught my eye - i love butterflies!