Friday, July 3, 2009

(fashion friday)-pretty pretty from layla grayce.

"at layla grayce, we truly, madly, deeply care about design, about creating the perfectly decorated room that expresses your unique sense of self, and finding perfect items for gifts or everyday."

oh, the jewelry!

lots of pretty bags.

i've never seen diaper bags this elegant and pretty!

oh yeah...they offer gobs of lighting as well, you know i had to add a few into the fashion friday as lighting is my love.

"layla grayce is the brainchild of wendy rossiter estes and tiffany pyne harris, lifelong friends with a passion for business and design and a love for discovering unique items. traveling through europe after college, they were inspired by the antiques, art and furnishings of the countries they visited. years passed as they started families and worked on their individual careers, designing homes and interiors for clients, friends and family along the way. encouraged to share their talents and finds with others, they created layla grayce."

their pieces of jewelry are to die for. i want all of them, one for every day of the year! happy 4th of july everyone! do tell of your plans...we are closing the shop on sat. and sun. and heading to the beach carrying books, magazines, shrimp cocktail, wine, cheese and anything else delicious we can get our little hands on. enjoy!


The Townhouselady said...

The third bracelet down with the leaf is beyond!

The lights? I can envision either of them hanging down in the entry vestibule of our house. Greeting guests with a warm glow before they enter the home proper.

Thanks so much for sharing these!

Callie Grayson said...

love the "C" bracelet!
and the leaf one is just stunning!!

i will be having a fun 4th of july weekend, enjoying the feastivities of parades and fireworks.

Enjoy the beach!

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

Love that bracelet with the gold leaves! Wow!! x

L'Atelier said...

enjoy your holiday!
love the jewellery and the bags just gorgeous

julia. said...

i do reallt like the bracelet on the third picture! the leaves!

dustjacket attic said...

Hello, I just adore the last light, really beautiful.

I checked out your store post, it is delightful, I love the lighting and decor ... somewhere I'd love to go ... especially the wine and chocolate tastings, two of my favorite things mmmm!

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

pretty jewellery!

Beach Vintage said...

I love the C braclet. I would love one with my initial.

georgia b. said...

oh, sounds like a fabulous weekend! i hope you had fun! i did not do too much. sort of relaxed. i should have gone to the beach. today would have worked for that, but not yesterday, as it rained. :(

i love the jewelry in this friday's fashion post! especially that third bracelet. or was it the second? can't remember—can't see the pics anymore when i click on comments. :)

have a great week, robin! i hope your weekend left you relaxed and charged for the week ahead.