Wednesday, June 17, 2009

play all day book.

oh boy, if you have children, hold on to your hats for a wonderful new design book.

play all day...a new book out for parents and children, inspires both to design, build, construct, imagine and of course, to play.

"play all day documents a collection of the most vibrant, stimulating and engaging design products and concepts for children. this book sets a new standard of design for children with fascinating examples of innovative and well-designed toys, playgrounds and play environments, room decorations, wall coverings, furniture and kindergarten architecture. in addition to these products, it also presents illustration and photography as well as new and original ideas offering playful solutions that talented designers and creative parents are designing for and with their kids. it is an inspiring reference for design-savvy parents and other professionals."

i love this book. now if i could only shrink my son down and reverse his age to about 5 or 6 :) even though i was always consciously trying to inspire him creatively, this book would have definitely been a contributor for sure. hey, we all can't think of everything, that's why we blog, that's why we read wonderful design books. if you have children, or nieces or nephews or even grandchildren, what a wonderful resource play all day truly is! enjoy.


georgia b. said...

i don't have kids. but i am still lovin' this book!

why wasn't this around when i was a kid? :)

wow, it's looks like a very cool book. i am going to keep it in mind as a gift idea for all my friends who are starting to have kids. i have just the avant garde couple in mind. they would LOVE this!

A Life More Fabulous said...

This is so much fun! My close friend just started her own children's photography studio, I'm forwarding this post to her right away...

Juxtaposition Design said...

What perfect inspiration to remind oneself to not take design TOO seriously :) Looks like many of these concepts and ideas could be easily transitioned into design for people of all ages

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

What a stunning cubby house!