Thursday, June 18, 2009

madsen bikes. a new love.

my son had a friend over to study for final exams and i took this opportunity to do something i adore, i took a bike ride. no not on these bikes (i wish) but i have an affinity for them, and for time on my bike. i'm more old fashioned, i love bikes with big baskets on them and with more of a vintage feel. i have a friend who would frequent the local landfill and put together bikes from throw away parts and made me a vintage schwinn that i had forever. it was worn looking, teal blue and fabulous. when i saw this line of bikes, thanks to la porte rouge's blog, my jaw dropped. the big bucket in the back, the robin's egg powdery blue color, the retro/european feel to them, i was instantly in love.

with a european model in mind, madsen bikes put the bucket on the back for a natural feel and balance, knowing your precious cargo is secure. madsen bikes motto suggests "a bicycle should do more." tested for up to 600 pounds, the madsen is burly as it is elegant. they list an array of retailers in case you're seriously interested. these bikes aren't cheap to buy, but think of them lasting a lifetime & more! what would you put in your bike bucket? mine would probably hold, a bottle of wine, bread, cheese, beach towels, magazines and a plastic bag to bring shells home from the beach. enjoy!


georgia b. said...

i'm seeing these absolutely everywhere! it's the hottest thing in the blogosphere since the "keep calm and carry on" poster. :)

i do love them, too!

i want one.

georgia b. said...

oh, i'd put my camera, a blanket, some snacks and a bottle of water and head to some of my favorite picture-taking spots.

Alessia said...

so cute! I've never seen these before, but now I sure want one!

I love your blog

Oliveaux said...

I have never seen them before! Much more practical than a basket.

French furniture said...

wow, they are so cool and so retro. I love them!