Tuesday, June 16, 2009

pretty beds & night stands.

i am in desperate need of a summer bed spread, so too is my son's bed. i have an older martha stewart bedspread that i love. it's white with little white pom poms all over it. like raised up polka dots. super summer-y and crisp. but getting worn from it being a few years old now.

so since i was wondering what martha has right now for bedding etc., i hopped over to her site and discovered an array of very pretty bed sets, nightstand ideas, decorating ideas for the stands etc. i love beautiful photographs. they inspire me to reinvent spaces, upgrade spaces, linens, books etc. night stands are sort of like coffee tables, where each person displays different items, personal or not. and if you looked at a large number of people's night stands, each one would be creative in it's own way.

what's on your bed? on your night stand? books? photos? alarm clock? natural items such as shells? and if so, which ones specifically. on my night stand right now is a clock, oyster shells, and a pretty lamp. it's tiny, my stand, which is a good thing. any bigger and i'd keep piling up the surface. enjoy :)


Chris said...

Oooh, lovely, lovely, lovely! The bedroom is the last place in the house that needs sprucing up, and I've been waiting to do that because we're in a possible rent-to-own home. I don't want to totally renovate until we know if we're buying it, but I'm getting some great ideas in this post!

Oh, and I don't have nightstands...we have our bedroom in an upstairs dormer room, and there's no room :(

Beach Vintage said...

Love the green metal bed head.

Callie Grayson said...

i am with Beach Vintage, i love that green metal head board on the mint coloured wall.

On my night stand... an orchid, a photo of my sister and me at my birthday celebration, a photo of my nieces, small lamp, glass carafe of water.

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I adore the ladder! Fabulous concept!! x

A Life More Fabulous said...

I love that little ladder night stand - so sweet

Jules said...

oooh! lovely choices here! i love the second and third ones! I have a lamp, motivational books and an alarm clock on my nightstand...nothing exciting!