Wednesday, June 24, 2009

nevin hirik.

title: "after you were gone."

title: "i will wait to see you again, II."

title: (close up of ) "tether/memories III."

title: "tether/memories III."

title: "three."

title: "who are you, i am your other end."

title: "the angels were crying."

title: "two".

all photos courtesy of nevin hirik.

"my work is my philosophy, it is my life, it is me. it is my experiences, my passion, my desire. i cannot separate it from my life as it is what i am. all of the pain, the happiness, the love, my emotions escape from my body and are splashed over my canvas for all to see, for all to feel. nothing is hidden, there are no secrets, you just have to look and you will see all. and you will see what you want to see as i believe that paintings talk to people in different voices, art is personnel-it stirs your emotions, it stimulates your senses. every person has a unique response to this stimulus. it is not for you or i to tell them what they should feel. nevin hirik."

i met nevin on line after having left a comment on my blog, and i'm happy that she did. i was instantly taken with her paintings and sense of fragility, sensitivity and emotion conveyed in her work. truly talented. i found that the more i looked at one painting, different days, in different moods, in different weather, i noticed and absorbed completely different interpretations. what do you see? feel? love? about, and in nevin's work? i myself can't help but notice the emotion in the eyes that she paints. and i love her interpretation of weather. enjoy!


Anne @ The City Sage said...

Wow--love his work! Especially the second one, where her dress seems to be fringed with sequins. what a neat effect!

The Townhouselady said...

Wonderful, ethereal, haunting, and emotional.


georgia b. said...

oh my! i adore these. i am going to have to put one of these on my shhhhh blog. i have been looking for something more fine art related to put on it for a while—well, not really looking for something, but waiting for something to come along that spoke to me that much. this did.

thank you for sharing this with us, dear.

Kristin said...

I am in LOVE with these. So gorgeous!

L'Atelier said...

wow! what amazing painting! thanks for sharing