Thursday, June 25, 2009

bath inspiration from denmark.

not your average bathroom. but yours doesn't have to be either. really!

the blue pool colored tile is brought to life even more by the addition of this colorful wallpaper.

i love this larger than life lamp plunked smack dab in the bathroom. and how the chair in front of the mirror, mirrors it's shape. really fun.


with all of the great vinyl design companies out there, think of what you could add to your bathroom wall.

bring nature indoors by adding these salt water rocks to your tub walls.

pretty tiled tub.

brighten up your bathroom with purple wallpaper from ferm living.

don't forget your options with tile, paint them, sticker them with vinyl, place decorative tiles here and there during tiling. how fun is this?

i've been seeing so many great posts on pretty little bathrooms lately. after all that room can be sort of a sanctuary for many of us. and we do spend a good deal of our lives in these rooms. so why not be comfortable, inspired, at home and happy being there.

this on line design magazine from denmark is always changing and chock full of decor inspiration. pretty spaces, unusual items to discover, to purchase, and ideas of how-to projects with step by step instructions. ideas like adding salt water rocks to your bathroom floor and tub side walls. things like that. with instructions! so fun.

so for this thursday i thought i'd jump on the bathroom bandwagon and throw even more bathroom design inspiration out there. :) enjoy!


georgia b. said...

i love unique bathrooms. these definitely fall under that category.

that bathtub in the first photo looks like a giant bowl. i'd feel like a giant piece of cereal taking a bath in there. :)

very different from anything i've seen. but then, i don't get out much. :)

Callie Grayson said...

really liking the vinyl wall prints.
i am designing my bathroom now so this brings on inspiration:)

Anonymous said...

All so prety, but I love that stone tiled tub. Amazing!

Dionne said...

What gorge bathrooms. Such inspiration! I can't wait to get out of apartment life and have a house that I can decorate like this!

You WON the giveaway on my blog! Congrats! Could you do me a favor and pop over and comment me with your email address? THanks!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Stunning. I could sit in that bathtub for days!