Tuesday, May 12, 2009

odds and ends.

for all you vintage polaroid junkies out there, how about a polaroid mirror? a clever take on the ol' polaroids. via.
designer colin o'dowd.

white honeycomb lamp. just fun. via.

livin' up your dinner parties with these sleek fin salt and pepper shakers! via.

this unusual, but exceptional design by rick ivey for modern objects of beauty. "a nice departure on the standard cabinet for storing and displaying your book collection. the strong form is stunning empty but when filled with books becomes compelling and dense, flattering the graphic design of the books spines and peeking covers, transforming something that is usually storage into sculpture. these totems are a serious shrine to the book."

i couldn't help myself, these made me smile. mustash dressers. it's just that i haven't seen mustash dressers before...have you? :) via.

i'm enjoying lots of little genius things right now and wanted to share. just when you think you've seen it all whether in the 'green movement' or with designers in both interior design or fashion, someone one-up's the other. that keeps it fun though! so here are a few items i've been sifting through in my bopping around on line. enjoy!


Georgia B. said...

i am a polaroid junkie that is not ashamed to admit that i will never seek therapy. :)

oh, goodness this mustache tables are wonderfully whimsical!

love the odds and ends! this should be a regular series.

Georgia B. said...

oh, p.s. my post tomorrow will have a little {wink/homage} to your blog.

you'll know what i mean when you see it. :)