Wednesday, May 13, 2009

merchant no. 4.

paper mache "point vessels". "the drama and glamour of gold leaf collides with the lightness and accessibility of papier-mache in the gold point vessel. a gray interior keeps things calm in this fun little object." (these are my favorite)!

i found these "molecule dishes" intriguing. "molecule is part of the 'setcast' collection designed by London design firm, voonwong&bensonsaw. the dish comes in three sizes and makes for a wonderful condiment display or storage dish. setcast is handmade bone china, created at Chinas most distinguished china manufacturer, asianera."

ceramic and rubber dip cups. "chicago-based artist, up in the air somewhere, has created these gorgeous earthenware cups that are hand-dipped in yellow rubber. they are available in Gray or White food-safe glaze. each cup is handmade and unique."

hand soap, literally. a pair. cleverly created by marie gardeski, and are sized to a standard bar of soap, although nothing standard about these. made of goats milk and glycerin with a light scent. cute as a button.

2 sizes of their gold lipped bowls. un even lip to the platters that are gorgeous when stacked. stain sealed and glazed for a food safe surface.

merchant no. 4 is filled with hard to find, every day, works of art from a variety of designers. from the new york times to metropolitan life to "o" at home magazine, the news is spreading about merchant no. 4's wares.

i was immediately drawn to their dreamy, stark white pieces trimmed and touched with gold, just exquisite. i adore simplicity in design over complicated and somewhat messy designs. the "point vessels" in orange in gold are reminiscent of large cracked eggs or perhaps beautiful stones that have been broken to reveal what is in store on the inside. enjoy merchant no. 4's products and don't forget there is more on their site (even a sale link! :)


Callie Grayson said...

fabulous post on such pretty items. Love the yellow rubber dipped items. and the gold rimmed ceramics.
thanks for sharing such a great find.

Georgia B. said...

awesome finds, dear! i love the connected bowls—reminds me of chains of lakes.