Friday, May 1, 2009

anne kyyro quinn. contemporary textiles.

wow, i could literally panel my whole house in her wall treatments. well...almost the whole house. but close!

close up of another wall panel pattern. gorgeous.

close up of anne's wonderful lights.

stop it, lighting too? i'm in trouble.

how dare she add to my already large pillow problem? :)

how about wrapping up in this dreamy throw? sigh...

definite pillow envy here.

close up of one of her wall panels.

i happened upon anne's site and company through research for new wall treatments/panels. i love the effect unique and inventive wall panels offer to any space, residential or commercial. never mind the fact that one can improve sound quality or block unwanted sound in that space.

based out of london, anne's textiles are cut, sewn and finished by hand. luxurious natural fabrics such as wool are used in her three dimensional designs. "resembling artworks more than conventional fabrics", anne's "sculptural approach has pioneered a new genre of interior textiles based on three dimensional structure rather than smooth surface ornamentation."

how wonderful would one of these installations be in your commercial space? and one or two of those pillows or throws draped and placed around your living space. or bedroom? endless possibilities. i'm first drawn to her texture then color palette, very soft and flowy. happy friday everyone in blogland. enjoy!


TheDecoDetective said...

I love the pillows (and I mean, really love them). Fantastic 3D-effects in the first ones, and the flower pillows and throw are fabulous. Thank you for showing something I've never seen before!

please sir said...

Oh I love their items too! Anything felt and I'm all for it!

gina said...

Very cool. I love them too. I wish I could reach out and touch them.