Thursday, April 30, 2009

lovely package.

peek-a-boo window on this not-so rectangular box with fun edges. perhaps a peek at the product would be the selling factor?

i was drawn to the flatness and width of this box and then those beveled edges. not your typical rectangular chocolate box. add a fancy label and voila.

i was smitten with the industrial-ness of this easy box. opening like a file folder. interesting concept with a nice stark logo. certainly makes you want to remove the elastic to investigate the contents.

then there's a company that will cover your boxes in handmade papers, leaving no two alike. i'd have to get the price on that but very creative and oh so pretty.

obviously not the graphic i'd be going for but what a punch this printing adds to a simple sturdy, and earthy kraft box. hmmm...

the simplicity here is elegant. a stamped or imprinted logo...that's it. is it too simple? but again, it's letting the chocolate speak for itself.

classic chocolate box, straightforward but...if you really blow the box away with a great label or sticker you could transform ordinary to extraordinary.

i was really taken with this one. as if you can push each chocolate piece right through the vellum or parchment paper to enjoy. i love the simplicity of the logo on the box as well. not overdone but captures your attention as to what's inside.

inventive shapes, handles and nice bright color grabs your attention.

the natural look of this box is intriguing and adding the paper closure label seals it up nicely.

these handy handles are cute. also the cube shape of the box is different too.

for the past few weeks we have been designing and constructing our new website for the shop. the website will consist of all "pieces" from numerous chocolatiers within this country and abroad. so...with the spanky new website we are creating, we also need to bump up our packaging a little bit without completely breaking the bank as packaging (at least the kind i like!) can be a fortune if you're not careful.

i found a great packaging site full of tons of inspiration called lovely package. i'm considering an earthy approach and going all natural think well made kraft boxes either with a great paper or vellum label or band around it or perhaps a creative stylish sticker. not sure yet. i'd love to have them printed but might be out of my budget. if i had them printed i would want them super subtle with perhaps an imprint of our logo in one color only. if packaging is crisp and stark it is more appealing in my opinion. it lets the product speak for itself. and if your product is fabulous as mine is, then the combination is perfect. let me know your thoughts on a fresh new box for us that you prefer...or do you know of any other great packaging pieces you've seen lately, if so forward me the info for sure :) enjoy!


L'Atelier said...

I love great packaging! love the one with no ( because of your describtion of the inside of the box, and also loved the ones covered with handmade paper
they are all amazing choices, wondering what you use...
share! and if i see anything truly amazing i'll let you know

OLIVEAUX said...

I love packaging. I am terrible at buying things because of the packaging! I like the sound of what you want to do. Ax

Jules said...

ooh! packaging is my favorite. you have some tough decisions to make as all of the choices you posted are amazing! i love #8 - i think that's my favorite...but i also like 2,4,6,7...and they're all so different! i like that you want to keep it simple - i think that's always the best route :) good luck!