Monday, May 4, 2009

windows. to your soul, your home.

super shape to these windows, nevermind the proportions and positions of the panes. very nautical, very organic. love. via.

this facade... grouping windows into the mural made me happy, made me smile despite the crumbling surroundings, as if there is hope alive. via.
hopefully you don't need to keep people out with bars. via.

just cottage pretty. via.
topiaries and flowers help to soften the bars on these windows. via.

how do you decorate your windows or sills? they are so individual. via.

pump up the color. these bright windows are fun, happy and remind us of far away places. via.
oh the infinite possibilities with store front windows. those windows are truly your first impression of your business. the more artistic and creative the more inviting and eye catching. via

what is your view like looking in from the outside? via.

so many shapes and sizes. via.

very unusual although i think i'd feel like i was falling over all of the time!

open and airy views add to this elongated design.

i notice windows from time to time and understanding the importance of them architecturally, athestically and of course the importance of them in many useful ways. how many windows do you have or would you add if you were building a commercial or residential space. tons, or barely any at all? would you want others to be able to see inside? would you want to see outside? here and there or from anywhere in your home? big or small, average size and shape or completely off the wall and out of the box?

i'm always intrigued by what people do to and with their windows as well. are they bare, are the decorated, with flowers, trinkets, signs, collectables. i myself looked around my house last night. i have alot of found, natural objects in my windows, like rocks that have spoken to me and that i've had to take home, driftwood hunks from washed up walks on the beach, seaglass and a small scupture here and there, some made by my son when he was little. those are some of my favorite display items. enjoy your monday and if you're looking out the window, what do you see?


bridechic said...

It's hard to choose one I like best. Thanks for sharing this it is really inspiring

Callie Grayson said...

great post!
I love to dress up my window area. In my kitchen I have white fairy lights and glass containers and flowers & herbs... the lights are woven around the glass so in the evening is looks really pretty.

Anonymous said...

What a round up of windows! So many sizes and shapes...

My window right now looks out onto someone's rooftop garden--it's a lovely few! And we don't have any curtains up now, but I do have some lovely airy linen drapes just waiting for a 'volunteer' to hang them! (in other words, the huz is going to be hanging them just as soon as I can 'convince' him to!)